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MD’s Message


Fast Consultants has a history of responsible business conduct. We strongly believe that real business success is not just about profits measured in numbers but also, as importantly, about how those numbers are achieved. Our corporate strategy reflects our commitment to sustainable business practices and balancing responsibility alongside growth and productivity. As you all know Fast Consultants began its journey in 2005 and today with the blessing of Almighty Allah we are a brand name in the region recognized globally. Fast Consultants feel prestige and honor that we also achieved the distinction and highest marks in Education USA Agent test, arranged by British Council for Education Consultants in Year 2008 and by achieving this award we are practicing more effectively and efficiently. It takes companies a whole life time to cover such a long and significant achievement but Fast Consultants feels its journey has just begun. Fast Consultant’s commitment to the students and Educational Institutions will continue to be its prime driving force as it moves into the future. Various new developments have taken place during the past few months and we are progressing towards a brighter future. Lot of Prestigious Institutions have joined hands with us and we are working more actively with them. Our innovative website launched recently provides a very friendly & easy approach for prospective students and academics. We continue to grow in size with new Offices in Pakistan region. We are currently operating our offices in Lahore, Islamabad and Multan and we are further planning to open more offices in other cities of Pakistan. We are proud that our visa success rate through out our operations remained above 97% which clearly reflects the quality of our applications and our intention to only accept & process genuine students. I feel that studying abroad is a very important decision and one wrong advice may lead students to end up on a wrong course at a wrong university. It’s essential that they choose their academic service provider with a proven track record. Let me assure all my students and partners that our goal remains that we would like to help our student community as well as our valuable partners to excel in their career goals with honestly and quality. I wish to extend my thanks to all those who continue to support us in our mission.

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